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Four Tips For Leveling Up in WildStar

WildStar, to help get you to that point, we've put together a list of 15 tip.

1:Powerleveling Paths
If you are tired of spending time leveling your Path, you can make things faster and probably even more enjoyable by completing Path objectives with a friend. If you're grouped, you'll receive experience whether or not you have the same Path.

2: Buff yourself
The Settler Path is capable of building small structures that provide invaluable buffs for anyone who goes by. Whether or not you're a Settler, you can take advantage of this by making sure you always click the buff machines in quest hubs whenever they're available. You'll get additional health, damage, and maybe even an increased experience rate.

3: The major milestones
WildStar does a good job of keeping you invested with major milestones around every corner. Below are the things you have to look forward to:

Level 6 - AMPs
Level 6 - PvP
Level 8 - Salvaging
Level 10 - Tradeskills
Level 14 - Housing
Level 15 - Mounts, Adventures
Level 20 - Dungeons
Level 25 - New Mounts
Level 30 - Unrated PvP Arenas
Level 35 - World Story

4: Get your daily housing buff!
Once you unlock player housing, be sure to stop by once per day and visit the sign at the entrance. You have a choice between three kinds of buffs, one of which will randomly have a 10% bonus instead of 5%. When WildStar Power leveling, the questing and hunting bonus is probably your best bet unless you're planning to do lots of PvP or dungeons.